We exist to provide individuals with a process for living a happier life. We encourage one's personal and social wellbeing/spiritual growth by focusing on their present lives. For your thoughts/actions of today will indeed influence your future experiences. Even as you read his note, you are living a past encounter that lead you here.

‘There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.’ Buddha.

I thank you for visiting our website. I am the Founder and former instructor of the Broward College Kenpo Club. Within our humble center, we had offer a tranquil sanctuary, where each student could practice kenpo, and our life enriching programming in a traditionally progressive  atmosphere .

I am dedicated to preserving and promoting the ideals, practices, and spirituality of our organization, courtesy, compassion, forgiveness, integrity, humility, love, and self-control. Zendo USA  assisting and inspiring students to understand martial arts values, techniques and morals.Shaping students into model individuals for their future world.  Read more >>>

With courtesy, Michael Nolan, Ph.D.

We are searching for a new facility in the west Broward area of Florida.  If you like what you see why not  contact us, we will send your request to our Shihan. To learn about our Shihan , and his 501c3 charity visit  Zen do USA, American Buddhist Sangha

Kenpo : Inactive
Zen Meditation & Qi Gong: Inactive 
 Tai Chi for Health:  Inactive
Come and join our friendly social phenomenon as we create an endearing atmosphere, while we learn to harmonize our body, mind and soul.

 Broward  College Kenpo Club was like no other organization you would have ever attended. We were committed to making your experience a safe, and exciting adventure. Words such as Sincerity, Courtesy,  and Respect are beyond just customary reflections. This was our commitment to you.This meant  discovering your human potential, and manifesting that spirit within ourselves, our members, and our activities.

 The purpose of our organization was to promote the understanding of human potential in a safe environment while enhancing one’s body, spirit, and life which are portrayed through daily life choices, academic achievements, social life, and honing values such as determination, emotional balance, and discipline. At this time we are anInactive Broward College martial arts organization. Please feel free to use this site as reference and entertainment purposes only . Read More >>>

When and Where
Founder's Statement
Our Philosophy
Earn Your Black Belt 

Do You Want To Become A Black Belt In Our Martial Arts System?
Do you want to join friendly talented people sharing our exciting skills?
Are you in search of a well-rounded MA program that addresses the major martial arts areas: kicking, punching, trapping, chin na, tai chi,
qi gong? Are you in search of a core curriculum that is effective for both men and women? If your answer is yes, then we are your school.

Your Instructors

Michael Nolan, Shihan: Okinawa Kenpo, Shaolin Chin Na,
Tai Chi, Qi gong, Zen meditation,Jido Kwan, Kobudo.

Manny Quintero (on sabbatical) , Renshi: American Kempo,Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,Tae kwon Do.

Guillermo Bocanegra, Sensei: BC Kenpo, Shaolin Chin Na,
Tae Kwon Do. (not in picture) Active Military Service:
US Marine Corps.

Former Instructors:
Evan Kassof , Sensei: BC Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Yoga.


A Disabled American Veteran Organization

Benefits of Participating In Our Programs

Tai Chi for Health:
 Easy to Learn.
Calms the Mind.
Reduces Stress.
Tones Muscles.
Increases blood flow.
Connects body, mind and spirit.
Massages Internal Vital organs.
Stimulates the lymph & cerebrospinal fluid.

Qi Gong Heavenly Postures:  
Stimulates the12 meridians & Qi flow.  
Stimulates the Nerves.
Massages Internal Organs.
Harmonizes Yin and Yang.
Improves Vascular Function. 

Improves Cardio-pulmonaryFunction.
Eases Stress and Balances Emotions.
Stimulates lubrication of  the joints & spine.

Zen Meditation:
 Increase your compassion.
Elevates your loving mood.
Harmonizes the endocrine system.
Greater life focus & concentration.
Opens your soul to forgiveness.
Energize your vitality & rejuvenation.
Harmonizes your body, mind, & spirit. 
Facilitates living in the present moment.

Martial Arts Kenpo:
Stress Reliever.
Increase your stamina.
Tones the body muscles.
Improves  body flexibility.
Improves Cardio-pulmonaryFunction.
Energize your vitality & rejuvenation
Harmonizes your body, mind, & spirit.
Enriches your mental and physical wellbeing.

Please feel free to use this site as reference and entertainment purposes only. Maintained by students.

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Tai Chi for Health is a fun and easy Tai Chi form to learn and practice.
It eases the sprit while harmonizing the energy of body and mind. 
Tai chi for Health is a form of Tai Chi that is appropriate for all ages.
Tai Chi is being widely practiced to help sufferers of stress, sleep disorders, arthritis,
hypertension, back pain and by older people to improve balance and assist with fall prevention. It is a low impact, muscle toning, moving meditation and enjoyable group activity.
Our Tai chi class is a social phenomenon that creates an endearing atmosphere. 
Seven Heavenly Postures (Seated) Qi Gong, nourish our total being by stimulating the blood flow and qi circulation of the 12 meridian vessels.
The postures incorporate gentle breathing, relaxing choreographed movements, that loosens the body, massages the internal organs, stimulates the immune system, and facilitates the lubrication of the spine and upper limbs; while easing the mind, revitalizing the body, and harmonizing the five major elements.
Come and discover your human potential.
 Welcome to the Former BC Kenpo Kobudo Martial Arts Club
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When the collegiate experience becomes consumed by the mentality of the corporate industry ,those
seeking freedom of creative social and spiritual enlightenment become vapid paupers of mental mediocrity. ‘Shihan’